Social Media

Zefir Travel

Social Media Strategy

We created a brand identity for Zefir that prioritized a social media-focused design language. The initial campaign focused on travel guides that were hyper-specific to the needs of a niche audience in order to stand out from the overly saturated travel space.

Bayani Brew

Social Media Strategy

It was a pleasure working with Bayani Brew. We helped the purpose-driven social enterprise with their social media strategy, visuals, and product photography. The goal was to boost the brand awareness of the health benefits of their bottle tea drink, as well as the social impact of the brand.


Social Media Strategy

Moringa-O2 is one of the biggest skincare and hair care brands in the Philippines. Since the brand’s primary audience are mothers, the content we created focused on motivating them take care of themselves so that they can better take care of the people they love. We also wanted to highlight the one thing they love the most — their families.


Social Media Strategy Concept

NuSkin was celebrating its 20th year. We came up with the #BestYear campaign to motivate the brand’s loyal followers to pursue a version of themselves they have yet to attain.

Aside from these social media posts, the brand was ideally supposed to create a one-page website which served as a compilation of links to free resources such as online classes, tools, lists of books, etc.. The goal of which was to expedite their transformation into an even better version of themselves.

Angelina Bakeshop

Social Media Strategy

Angelina Bakeshop is one of the biggest brands in Western Visayas. Their products are available in all major supermarkets in the region. We are absolutely grateful to have been working with them since 2016.

Olivia & Co

Social Media Strategy

Olivia & Co is a food delivery company based in the UK. We created the #OliviaTriva campaign which focused on actionable, informative, and easily shareable tips for its audience.


Social Media Strategy

Hustlewear is a lifestyle brand that ventured into selling merch. Since the primary audience of the brand are entrepreneurs, we created content that boosted their morale as they worked their way towards building their businesses. Creating content that motivated them was a top priority for this social media campaign.

La Flamme Bleue Center for Culinary Arts

Social Media Strategy

La Flamme Bleue Center for Culinary Arts is based in Iloilo City, Philippines. We launched the #LearningByDoing campaign for the school in order to highlight the school’s strength — a hands-on approach to learning. La Flamme Bleue students are required to create these wonderful dishes regularly as they work towards mastery.


Social Media Strategy

Playpets is a dog care brand with products available in all major supermarkets in the Philippines. We launched the “Playful Pup of the Week” contest to encourage the brand’s community to engage with the brand.

In order to associate the brand with feelings of happiness, our content strategy focused on creating visuals with puns and cute dog photos. The audience absolutely loved these posts since it brightened their day, thus associating the brand with that warm fuzzy feeling.


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